Incident Management

Members of BCFS EMD all hazards Incident Management Team (IMT) have responded to nearly every major critical incident nationally and internationally in more than a decade, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, H1N1 flu pandemic, Sri Lanka tsunami, Haiti earthquake and countless hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods, hazardous material spills and earthquakes. Our team consists of national emergency planning and training experts, medical and mental health experts, disability policy and rights advocates, former fire and police leaders, legal professionals, academics, research and policy professionals, and public health veterans. Our IMT also includes former department leaders from FEMA, the CDC, U.S. HHS and U.S. DHS.

BCFS EMD contracts with jurisdictions, states and U.S. territories to support rapid disaster response. These contracts provide our partners with immediate access to:

  • A 200 person multi-disciplined, all hazards IMT
  • Massive supply of cached resources warehoused by BCFS EMD
  • A robust fleet of emergency response vehicles
  • Type I and II Mobile Command Platforms
  • Massive Cache of IT/communications equipment including laptops, over 500 VHF radios, over 200 emergency cellular phones, printers, satellite communications equipment etc.
  • Robust and redundant logistical supply chain to meet all incident needs.

Our IMT can integrate into your existing operational structure in a support role, or can manage your entire incident through delegation of authority. BCFS EMD has served in both capacities, tasked with such roles as:

  • Implementation of state and jurisdictional emergency operations plans
  • Management of complex shelter systems
  • Management for public health/ medical responses
  • Management for the care of all populations, including those with medical and/or functional and access needs

Following a response, BCFS EMD provides a detailed electronic report of the event, including IAPs, census information, significant events, public health and medical events and 213 Resource Requests.