Alternate Care Site (ACS) Planning and Operations

Providing mass care for citizens during disasters presents complex challenges, not the least of which involves establishing ADA-compliant, convenient and available operational locations. Having built the largest ACS capacity in the nation outside of the U.S. military, BCFS EMD provides unique insight to train on Alternate Care Site plan development, capacity building and operations.
These workshops give jurisdictions and healthcare providers a complete overview of how to develop ACS plans and operational procedures.

Facility Supervisor Training

The Alternate Care Site (ACS) Facility Supervisor training is a 3-hour course designed specifically for those who may be tasked with managing facility support functions in an ACS upon activation during a local emergency. The course includes:
  • Mass casualty, ACS definition, use and functions
  • Activation of ACS & Incident Command System
  • Establishing ACS
  • ACS medical ops (management, medical staffing)
  • Administrative responsibilities
  • Logistics
  • Transition of ACS patients
  • Demobilization
The Alternate Care Site (ACS) Emergency Manager / Healthcare Provider workshop is an 8-hour course designed specifically for those who may be tasked with developing viable community based or healthcare based Alternate Care Site operations plans. The course includes:
  • Capacity building for your jurisdiction
  • Pre-incident planning and preparedness
  • Developing ACS policies and procedures
  • Activating and set up of an ACS
  • Developing medical protocols and authorities
  • ACF operations and logistics
  • Recovery and demobilization principles
  • Operational toolkit (templates, forms, models)