Whole Community Planning

As nationally recognized experts in disaster planning and response serving children and adults with medical needs, disabilities and functional and access needs, specific cultural needs, and socioeconomic needs; BCFS EMD provides consultation regarding the integration of vulnerable populations in disaster planning.

With a history of nearly 70 years of caring for populations susceptible to life-altering circumstances, BCFS Health and Human Services has served millions experiencing or are at-risk for harm as a result of disaster, violence, abuse, and/or discrimination. A significant number of those served experience barriers related to disabilities, poverty, language, culture, or inadequate systems of care.

Let BCFS EMD help you take planning to the next level ensuring that the citizens that rely on you are well prepared. BCFS EMD will conduct an analysis of your demographics and develop plans specific to your hazards and your population. Ensuring that your jurisdiction is best prepared not if -- but when -- the next disaster hits.