Medical Sheltering and Alternate Care Site Planning

Alternate Care Sites (ACS) serve as a medical surge relief for local hospitals, medical shelters, primary triage points, designated community-focused care clinics, or points of distribution for medications or vaccinations during a public health emergency. Building ACS capacity aims to prevent local healthcare systems from becoming overwhelmed with demand for services during disaster. These facilities enhance states’ ability to respond to emergencies by pre-identifying sites before disaster strikes.

BCFS EMD has developed the most robust ACS capacity in the nation, outside of the U.S. military. We have worked with multiple states and jurisdictions to provide the following:

  • Mechanisms to evaluate a jurisdiction’s demographics and identify medical and functional needs in the community
  • Determination of the jurisdiction’s capacity requirements
  • Identification and facilitation of Memorandums of Understanding for ADA-compliant medical sheltering and ACS