Integrated Emergency Planning for People with Disabilities

As nationally recognized experts in planning for and serving individuals with disabilities and functional and access needs, BCFS EMD provides consultation regarding the integration of vulnerable populations in disaster planning. Having helped establish many of the national standards for serving people with disabilities, our organization is proud to be a go-to partner for numerous states and jurisdictions seeking to ensure their planning, mitigation, response and recovery plans are fully inclusive and meet all regulatory and legal standards.

BCFS EMD will meet the unique needs of your state, jurisdiction or organization through thorough analysis of your plans and programs, development of comprehensive gap analyses and jurisdiction/agency specific guidance documents as well as re-writing plans and programs to ensure inclusionary integrated planning. Together, these resources provide a strategic blueprint for the development and execution of emergency operations plans.

Click here to read about our work developing gap analyses and guidance documents for the Tacoma-Pierce County Public Health Department with the purpose of expanding the jurisdictions Alternate Care Facility System.