Leaning Forward With Skill and Compassion To Help Those in Need

BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division (EMD) leadership wishes to acknowledge and express appreciation to its’ staff members for the hundreds of swift and effective responses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

When our world forever changed with this unprecedented global pandemic, you and our other highly skilled emergency managers, medical and support personnel answered the call to serve again and again. Since February of 2020, you have made many sacrifices and you have saved thousands of lives.

As a part of our EMD team of highly qualified emergency response professionals, you have responded to calls for assistance  from hospitals, government partners and other health care and congregate care entities with tireless devotion to do whatever was necessary to bring critical resources to the tip of the spear. With nearly 300 missions to date, you have outperformed, outpaced and outshone in the selfless manner that defines and elevates you to the best of the best.

You have provided support to partners around the nation, mobilized to stand up and operate state of the art hospital alternative care sites and moved critical medical resources to augment nursing facilities, surging emergency departments, intensive care units within a matter of hours, and you continue to do  this time and time again.  

We salute professionals of the Emergency Management Division for what you have done:

  • Incident management support to our government partners
  • Establishing dozens of testing sites
  • Managing the deployment of more than 10,000 medical personnel to support over 150 healthcare facilities
  • Procuring and distributing resources to health care facilities
  • Standing up and operating hospital alternate care sites
  • Providing rapid and emergent response to disease outbreaks in long term care facilities
  • Providing infection controls teams to more than 1,200 nursing homes
  • Training others in proper infection control for COVID-19
  • Deploying equipment and structures to increase hospital capacity and capability

To all our first responders and emergency managers, your steadfast commitment to serve those in need is unprecedented and highly notable. Keep charging the hill…. together, we and our nation will come through this challenge even stronger. May God bless you and keep you safe.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020