Rewriting City of Los Angeles' Emergency Plans

The City of Los Angeles has contracted BCFS EMD to address all components of the city's emergency preparedness program over a three-year period. BCFS EMD is tasked with evaluating the city's current plans, developing revised emergency plans to address the needs of persons with disabilities, and overseeing the implementation of the revised emergency plans.

The partnership with BCFS EMD was established as a result of a lawsuit that argued the City of Los Angeles' emergency preparedness program did not adequately serve the needs of the more than 800,000 individuals with disabilities who live within the city. The lawsuit contended that those with disabilities in the City of Los Angeles were disproportionately vulnerable in the event of an emergency.

In the course of the project, BCFS EMD will ensure the City of Los Angeles is better prepared for an emergency and can care for its populations of people with disabilities in a crisis by taking the following steps:

  • Revising the city's emergency plans to ensure adequate plans are in place for the care of disabled populations
  • Assessing the efficacy of the plan
  • Advancing identification of needs and resources

BCFS EMD is also responsible for ensuring the City of Los Angeles has the following provisions in place:

  • Public notification and communication
  • Policies or procedures concerning the concept of sheltering in place
  • Shelter and care for individuals forced to evacuate their homes
  • Assistance with evacuation and transportation
  • Assistance in recovery and remediation efforts after an emergency or disaster