FEMA’s Guidance on Functional Needs Support Services

When FEMA needed a hands-on, experienced-based, practical guidance and training for emergency managers and others to aid them in this critical task, they sole-sourced the FNSS development contract to BCFS EMD. There was no other entity that could approach our agency’s depth of knowledge and history of success and experience.

BCFS EMD has trained emergency managers from all 50 states in best practices and the legal requirements for planning for all hazards and coordinated operations with public and private entities to meet the needs of all citizens in preparing for incidents and disasters, including site selection with ADA compliance, assessing resources and ensuring reasonable accommodation for all people seeking access to services and programs. The guidance emphasizes best practices on complying with existing applicable laws such as the ADA, PKEMRA, Fair Housing Act, etc. but it goes well beyond this to anticipate the needs of persons not belonging to a particular class but still in need of functional support.

Download FEMA FNSS Guidance