Building Texas’ Alternate Care Site Capacity

The State of Texas tasked BCFS EMD to build Alternate Care Site (ACS) capacity in 20 cities and rural communities across the state. Ultimately, BCFS EMD increased Texas’ ACS capacity to more than 15,000 beds across the state.

ACS can be used for any purpose deemed appropriate and/or necessary by the jurisdictions, from general population sheltering to medical/hospital surge capacity. During this project, BCFS EMD executed:

  • Meetings with emergency managers and area stakeholders
  • Identification of proposed sites
  • On-site evaluations (for shelter worthiness, ADA compliance, related issues and alternatives)
  • Wraparound service assessments
  • Development of site survey packets
  • ACS shelter supervisor trainings
  • Assistance with the MOU or MOA process

Additionally, BCFS EMD’s IMT participated in a full-scale exercise in Waco, standing up soft-sided ACS structures, evaluating the site, and exercising management practices for an event involving medical surge. Numerous agencies participated in the exercise, including the Hillsboro IMT, the Heart of Texas Regional Advisory Council (HOTRAC), Providence Hospital staff, and the Waco Office of Emergency Management.