Hurricane Harvey

On Friday, August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas, as a category-4 storm. While the exact number of those affected by the storm is yet to be determined, what is clear is, Hurricane Harvey’s unprecedented rainfall on Texas’ Gulf Coast has resulted in historically devastating floods. The total devastation and destruction seen along Texas’ east coast prompted FEMA to declare it as possibly the worst disaster in Texas history.

Even before Harvey made landfall, BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division (EMD) established an incident command post to monitor hurricane-tracking models and emergency weather updates from the National Weather Service. Within days of Harvey’s impact along Texas’ eastern coast, BCFS’ EMD went to work, establishing Emergency Medical Needs Shelters in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, Texas.

As the humanitarian crisis in Texas unfolds in Harvey’s aftermath, EMD’s boots are on the ground, fulfilling the mission to help those most in need. BCFS EMD’s team of dedicated emergency management, medical, and logistical personnel are working round the clock the ensure that persons with health and/or medical conditions, impacted by Hurricane Harvey, are cared for in an environment designed to meet all of their functional and access needs.

BCFS’ EMD is a disaster response partner of the State of Texas, assisting in state and federal response operations for every hurricane to arrive on the Texas Gulf Coast since 2004 and providing critical shelter for the tens of thousands of affected individuals. Recognized as a leader in the fields of emergency management and medical sheltering focused on serving individuals with disabilities and functional-and-access needs during a disaster, BCFS’ EMD is compelled by its mission to serve.